Finance / Accounting

Banks want to see more than business assessments

We collect, assign and book your current business transactions and generate monthly reports, balance sheets and income statements. If desired, we will also prepare the report for interim and annual financial statements. We work – as a complement to the tax agent – within the confines of Tax LAW § 6 Ziff. 3,4. Of course we can do statistic reports, send electronic balance, publication in the electronic Bundesanzeiger or online payment processing too. We compare your actual figures with budget and previous year show the variances and help with the explanation. Credit institutions need such information to determine ratings and terms for company loans.

With us you are well prepared

We also offer the cooperation with auditors assisting the preparation of audits as well as we support you in working with your tax advisor. You decide which company figures we shall prepare up to which treatment step. The needed documents your can send by email, fax or simply by mail.

Our services:

You have to deliver more than book accounting on the basic of commercial and tax rules? In much more cases companies are integrated in groups and have to fulfill additional requirements.

Corporate accounting

The consolidated financial statement is an important information tool for share- holders, creditors and investors of a company group. As a consequence of growing and fiscal incentives the quantity of group integrated units’ increases since years. We are trained in the special task of corporate accounting and the appropriate methods of consolidation, we assist you in all working steps of corporate accounting.

International Accounting

Your medium-sized company belongs to an international group. The parent company is based in another country and operates also in a stock exchange. Now you are faced with the task to create monthly, quarterly and annual reports in IFRS or USGAAP and may convert the statements in a different functional currency. We support your cooperation with the reporting department of the group to report the necessary information from your financial system in one package to the authorities in due time. Due to outsourcing of theses working steps you may prevent expensive variations of your running software systems.

Our services: